Granddaddy’s cheeky treat!

I have been wondering what my next  post would be about but luckily a new chill spot called Granddaddy’s (an open grill house) opened up in my city about 3 days go and  I decided to try my hand at writing a review about it. I must say, I have been waiting for it to open for a long time. I recently got the chance to spend my Saturday afternoon there with a great friend of mine.

We got to Granddaddy’s at about 3:30pm and there was already a bit of a crowd. We picked a brilliant spot. I was overlooking a perfectly mowed garden and on the right was where the open grill was positioned. The sight was enough to make my mouth water. The semi-indoor sitting area has a well thought out selection of furniture from garden chairs to wooden benches with simple but comphy cushions. The building is made from tin roofing sheets which are presented in a sophisticated rustic style. You could tell a lot of thought was put into the design of this place. The lighting was perfect, perfect enough for a new selfie! I took quite a few at different angles. Let’s just say this place ticks all the right boxes for a good garden summer chill. The ambiance alone was enough reason to order a cocktail at noon and not just any ordinary cocktail. They offer slushy cocktails! I know!! But wait, it actually gets better than that, their cocktail prices are extremely affordable and for that reason I managed to keep the bill running till 10:00 pm. If I didn’t have work the next day, I’d probably have stayed longer.

After our first round of drinks, we ordered the Big Bwana Platter. The choice of food isn’t wide but everything on the menu looked fantastic.  The food took about 40 minutes to come. The waiter was polite enough to inform us of any time delays.  I was extremely impressed with this as it is a vital part of service that is often missed out.   I felt that my time and money were of equal importance to the business. I had no problem waiting for the food because like I said earlier, the sitting area was amaze-balls, so my view was lush.

The food finally came. The Big Bwana platter (grilled sausage and chicken) is rightfully called so, because it was actually way too big for the two of us. We had left over pieces which were packed away in a presentable doggy bag. Something you hardly get round here in Lusaka. The average doggy bag is the white take away pack wrapped in a plastic bag. Yeah, it isn’t that presentable especially for that requested Instagram photo the millennials demand. Anyway, the food itself was quite good. The platter comes on a steaming hot cast Iron plate which helps keep the food warm for longer.  Nothing spicy at all, just enough to get your palate working. The sausage was very tasty and I definitely enjoyed it.  We ordered a green salad on the side. I was slightly disappointed with the salad as I am a huge fan of salad and I really like to eat a GOOD one. The green salad was accompanied by a bit of feta cheese and a few sliced yellow peppers. Not my ideal salad but for the price, it really did stretch itself. I would suggest that a proper salad is offered for those willing to pay the price.

I must applaud the waiter for his quick service. Immediately we were done eating, the plates where cleared away and the table was back to looking decent and cute. I hate having trash on the table when it can easily be cleared away if the waiter would just do their job. This was another big plus.  So we ordered more drinks and this time I tried a strawberry daiquiri slush.  However, my favorite was the Salama Slammer! It is anything and evaaarything I have always wanted in a fun cool cocktail.

The restaurant was pulling in more crowds as it was getting later.  At this point the service was compromised and ordering drinks became a chore. As a customer, this can be extremely irritating but the saving grace was that the restaurant was showing live football matches, which served as a good distraction.

All in all, if you need a decent place to have a healthy grilled meal and chill for the fraction of the rip off restaurant prices in Lusaka then, Granddaddy’s is the place to be. The restaurant attracts a middle class young vibrant crowd with great socialising opportunities. The music was trendy and not too loud.  This allows groups to hold a conversation without the need to shout. It is located in a safe and secure urban area. There is adequate parking space and you are guaranteed to have a grand time. Well I certainly did and I hope you do too! Please feel free to share your experiences with me.

Tinkle Test:  3.5/5

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For me, a good restaurant is also classified by how good the toilets are and if they are kept clean. The rustic vibe of the place was carried through to the toilets with the divisions being made from iron sheets cleverly painted in black to give a modern look.  The lighting on the vanity mirrors was sufficient and there was a constant supply of tissue. I did not like sharing the hand wash area with the gents.  It felt a bit too crowded and got awkward at times.




Jojo xx